Creating Safety and Resilience –
A 6 Week experiential workshop series

October 14 to November 25
Thursdays 6:30-8pm
Online via Zoom

This group is currently full.
Dates for the next group will be in 2022.

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Ready to bring more safety, stability, resilience, and ease into your life?

Then this 6- week series is for you!

In this workshop series, you will learn skills to build safety and resilience in small digestible bits, at a pace that works for you. Together we will explore embodiment, the nervous system, and attachment themes all while connecting with ourselves — and the other members of this small group — in deeper ways.

If you are new to somatic therapy, this class serves as an introduction. If you are a current or former client, this may be the next step in connection for you. This class weaves together embodiment, connection and learning. We learn and explore mindfulness and movement practices together.

You’ll have a place to connect with yourself and a place to connect with others in a small group. The pace will be your own. There is the opportunity to listen, to speak, or to observe, and be with others in a shared confidential space.

How will classes unfold?

There is a curriculum and there is what happens in real time. Each series is tailored to who arrives in the group as each group is different in makeup.

The benefit and power of being with others in a small group, along with real time feedback and support, helps us to unravel patterns that have been held through the years. These classes have evolved from my years of clinical work as a counsellor, nurse, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and will be both curriculum-based and rooted in what each group member needs at the time.

This course is ideal for those who wish to:

  • Feel more connected, more present, and less “checked out” in their daily lives;
  • Experience fewer feelings of anxiety and depression;
  • Manage their triggers from PTSD;
  • Have firmer boundaries;
  • Want simplicity and ease adopting new practices;
  • Gather in community and connect with others;
  • Manage pain and injuries;
  • And to learn tools to manage nervous system states

How would it be to know in your bones that you are not alone and to receive the support you need? Join me in this small group setting where we will play and explore in real time, and then take the practices we learn “on the road” between sessions. With plenty of time for learning and discussion, you can learn new ways to reduce stress and build your resilience, all while practicing deep self-compassion and even having some fun along the way. When we learn to listen to our bodies’ cues for safety, and create stability for ourselves, good stuff happens.


$480.00 +GST for the series

What Past Participants are Saying

“Jane taught me resilience by holding space for myself using the tools and now my life is moving toward healthier relationships with myself and the people around me. This is true in both the group experience and 1-on-1 sessions I have had with her. I will be forever grateful for my time with Jane.”  Chris

“The groups helped me not to feel so alone being in a group of like-minded individuals wanting relief from the problematic physical symptoms of anxiety and PTSD.”

“I really enjoyed everything about the classes, although I felt nervous at first in the group setting. I was inspired by the other people and how strong and genuine they were.”

“I really really appreciated your permission to really honour ourselves. ”

“It made me feel better to see strong and authentic people who also experienced anxiety etc. I’m really soothed by your respect and patience for our nervous systems, Jane. Your manner of teaching is really calming for me. Thank you.”

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