Success Stories

Working with Jane has been one of the most transformative experiences of adulthood

“For years, I struggled, and was frustrated. I felt like I kept getting in my own way. I would have extreme highs and lows and was easily overwhelmed, depressed or anxious. After getting married to my husband, moving to a new country and leaving everything familiar being, I hit my lowest point. The relationship with my husband was at risk, so I reached out to a friend to ask for advice who recommended working with a Somatic Practitioner.

After lots of research, we found Jane. Working with Jane has been one of the most transformative experiences of adulthood. I cannot imagine going back to where I was were before. Jane has given me the tools that have helped clean up my emotional nervous system, and let go of old emotions, some I was holding onto that weren’t even mine. Now, empowered, I get to choose how to move forward instead of being overwhelmed without knowing why. Jane is patient, effective, and gentle. I highly recommend working with her. ”


Jane is a very committed somatic therapist

“Jane is a very committed somatic therapist who has supported me on my 3 year journey of healing since 2016. Jane was extremely intuitive, recognizing I was not suffering from shock trauma. She also introduced me to touch therapy that supported my being able to explore my nervous system responses, emotions and physical sensations. Initially, I was skeptical, but I experienced long periods of deep relaxation when working in touch sessions. Even though I no longer reside in the same city as Jane, I still keep using the skills she taught me and also keep in touch via therapy sessions online. That is a testament to her character and her genuine compassion for her ”

—Samuel B – Toronto

My work with Jane has been life-changing

“I first went to Jane after experiencing many scary symptoms of PTSD.  I had to stop working for several months as I couldn’t function. I had been working with a grief counsellor and doing EMDR and felt I was “done” with talking.

My work with Jane has been life-changing.  She offered a safe haven, which I desperately needed. She was there for me (and continues to be) in a way that far surpassed my expectations.  I feel like I have healed from the deep traumas I experienced and  have learned how to work with my body and emotions in a new way.  I feel more resilient and stronger.

I became pregnant while we were working together and Jane was able to work with and support me throughout my pregnancy.  I feel like I can again trust my body and ride the waves of grief and listen to my body.  I highly recommend Jane as a compassionate and skilled SE Practitioner.”

—Sara B. Vancouver, BC

The best present of all ..more of me present

“Working with Jane reminded me that the body knows instinctively how to heal itself, if given a voice. In my case, the body spoke in images and memories that Jane was able to give me space to process. She never pushed me to enter into internal spaces too soon; instead, she let me move at my own pace and acted as a loving, caring witness along the way. Even more impressive was that all of our work was conducted via Skype and more than 3500 miles apart from each other. Yet, I never felt the distance. As a result of our work together, I got to enter a new marriage with more of me in the present, which was the best present of all.”

—Kelly McGannon – Coach, Washington, DC

Long term chronic pain relief

After several decades of chronic pain and several years of it being severe, this process combined with Jane’s gentle support and space-holding helped me to trust my body’s wisdom in a whole new way. It helped me to have renewed faith in its ability to heal and helped me to start seeing tangible shifts in my day to day experience of pain.


Thank you so much

Thank you so much for the class – it was a truly lovely and healing experience.

A journey of healing…managing pain from an MVA

What I discovered through Jane’s intuitive guidance and calm heartfelt approach was that my pain had a mind-body connection that required the guidance of a specialist in trauma to resolve. My desire to explore a new approach to managing physical pain from a car accident initially led me to working with Jane.  I am grateful to her for providing the professional and caring environment that is allowing me to heal.  I look forward to working with her again on my journey of recovery.

Chronic Fatigue, PTSD & Pain Relief….Grounded and alive

I met Jane 6 months ago, at that time I was looking for treatments for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and PTSD ….I would say by coincidence, but then again, I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason and that a higher power crossed our paths.

It took a car accident and the trauma my body experienced from it, to reach out to Jane again.  Little did I know that after my first session I would find a sense of peace in my body I had never felt before, I felt lighter and happier, like a weight had been lifted from my entire being. The feeling lasted for a few days and I went back for another session, and had a similar experience. I now understand the term “less is more”. With Jane’s caring, patient approach and support I am looking forward to a full recovery. I feel this grounded and alive.

Words cannot describe how I truly feel, all I can say is that it has to be experienced.

—Sapna C. Vancouver, BC

Chronic Fatigue… feeling hope…tranquility

Having attended my first session with Jane yesterday, I finally feel like there is hope again to recover my health & now have a chance at a normal life. For years I’ve been suffering from Chronic Fatigue, Electro Sensitivity & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. It’s been years since I’ve felt tranquility & peace in my body. The low grade constant tension is gone and my reaction to pain seems to be tolerable now. Things don’t seem so sharp any more. It feels like everything is going to be alright. I hope my health will continue to improve with TRE® therapy.

Thank you Jane. I feel like I’ve been given back a chance to be well & healthy again.

—Antoinette, Vancouver.

Resolving old traumatic injury from motor vehicle accident.
I was in a bad car accident at the age of 10, and all the trauma of seeing the injuries of my fellow passengers seemed to go right to my legs.

I never really thought too much about it, but did notice, in all the years since,that whenever I found myself in a stressful situation, my legs ached as they did in the days after the accident. After our session
something amazing occurred, in that my stride was lengthened, like never in recent memory.
Thank You  Jane!  Carol M.  Vancouver, BC

Horrible Pain

In the spring of 2003 I had a bad fall of my bike. I was diagnosed with frozen shoulders. I was sitting still on the freeway when a car slammed into my rear end at 60 miles an hour sending me into the stopped cars in front of me. Terrible trauma to my whole body.

I was in horrible pain which got worse over 10 years. So bad that my whole back, hips arms, leg became cement blocks of agony. I also had a hip replacement due to severe arthritis. I had to go on disability, unable to sit in one position or raise my arm to write.  Within a week I no longer felt helpless, the anxiety/panic had gotten to a place where I could think it through. Thank you Jane Courtney!

This is not magic, I still have pain but I have hope….I can walk, I even rode my bike for a few kms on the weekend. My husband and I laughed so hard at our cats antics and that did us a world of good. What a difference this simple non-chemical way of dealing with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, severe pain has made in my body and our lives.

Karen, Vancouver, BC